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What is the Meshworks newsletter?

We know it can be difficult to know how to apply for particular roles or learn about some of the vast number of creative jobs out there. That’s why we created this newsletter: to provide you with the resources and support that can enable you to work in the creative industries.

This newsletter and the wider Meshworks network provides content, support and community to enable emerging creatives to thrive in the creative and cultural industries. In this newsletter you’ll find insightful spotlights, work opportunities, and useful support like free talks, time with experts, and events. It’s for you if you’re looking to work in and become a part of the creative industries in the West of England, whether through employment in an organisation or freelance work.

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If you are an employer who would like to get in contact about including any opportunities, jobs or support in this newsletter, email us. This newsletter is part of our ongoing activity within our Talent Support Network.

Who made it?

The newsletter is powered by Rife, an online platform for young people, and co-designed with the current cohort of emerging creatives on our Creative Workforce for the Future programme, with inputs from the five cultural hubs (Watershed, Creative Youth Network, Bristol Museums, Spike Island and Knowle West Media’s creative agency Eight) It has been made with the continued input of the current cohort: the emerging creatives who know which kind of content, support and opportunities are relevant to current and aspiring creatives.

Creative Workforce for the Future is a programme that links and nurtures emerging creatives from groups currently underrepresented in the creative sectors to opportunities in the creative industries. This year, we’ve created paid placements for 18-30-year-old emerging creatives in small to medium sized creative companies across the West of England as well as supporting a network and becoming a place to find resources, opportunities and support. Creative Workforce for the Future brings together years of engagement and business support practice across the cultural hubs and the University of the West of England and with one main aim: to develop a more inclusive workforce in the cultural and creative industries in the West of England. Read more about Creative Workforce for the Future.

Meshworks exists as an extension of the programme and aims to expand our network of current and aspiring creatives. The Meshworks newsletter we’ve created means it will be easier than ever for current and inspiring creatives to stay in the loop and get involved.